Catch Trespassers in the Act

Install a video surveillance system in Las Vegas, NV

In Nevada, the police need to actually see that there's an emergency before they dispatch a team to your location. Confirm any suspicious activity by hiring Safe and Secure Alarms and Video to install a video surveillance system on your property. We install security cameras in homes and businesses. If you'd like to add smart home features to your surveillance system, we can install those, too.

Boost the security at your property with a cutting-edge system. Call 702-875-3240 now to schedule a video surveillance system installation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You can't be everywhere at once

But your new security system will monitor the places you can't. Safe and Secure Alarms and Video has a surveillance system that will send a clip showing why your alarm went off to a live operator. This will increase the police dispatch rate up to 85%. With our security systems, you'll not only know if someone's trying to break in. You'll also be able to:

  • Keep an eye on your children or pets when you're away
  • Monitor your property while you're on vacation
  • Make sure your elderly relatives are safe

Keep track of what matters most to you. Contact us ASAP to get a free estimate on security camera installation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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